Foodies, rejoice! Montana has tons to offer for visitors who like to munch their way through a trip. From Montana specialities, to fan favorites, to fancy fare, your trip’s bucket list will be as long as it is varied.

Montana Specialties

Wheat Montana

Sprinkled throughout the state, these bakeries are known for their fresh-baked goodies. Enormous cinnamon rolls are the big draw here– start your day off right and bring a friend to share, or tackle it solo!


A hearty meat pie is the perfect thing after a long day of hiking or skiing. Packed with meaty filling and slathered in gravy, you won’t find something better at the end of a tiring day. A true Montana classic!


Peak huckleberry-picking season is in the heart of summer, and Montana is a gold mine. Pick some yourself, or buy one of the jams, pies, and pastries made from the delicious berries. Some places even make huckleberry ice cream.

Fan Favorites

Pickle Barrel Sandwiches

The website speaks for itself: “Often imitated, never duplicated! 5” longer, 3x heavier, 2x the flavor, 2x the diameter, 3x the ingredients, 3x Classic Bozeman Free Pickles!!” They say people move away and come back to visit just for these sandwiches. A must-try!

MacKenzie River Pizza

“Big Pie from the Big Sky.” This chain actually started in Montana and stands the test of time. Simple, classic, easy. Every part of the country has its own twist on pizza, pick a night of your trip to try out Montana’s take.

The Burger Dive

This burger joint in Billings, Montana takes burger night and makes it award-winning. Using fresh, local ingredients, The Burger Dive serves up delicious classics and burgers with a twist. Their latest winner is “I’m Your Huckleberry” which features a Huckleberry Hatch chili barbecue sauce, bacon, goat cheese, roasted red pepper mayo, and arugula.  

Fancy Fare


Named “Best Restaurant in Montana,” Lucca’s offers fine Italian dining in Helena, MT. The dining room is intimate, only seating 54 people, so make your reservation quick and experience Montana’s top restaurant.

Open Range

An opportunity to try a delicious Montana steak in a beautiful setting– who could pass this up? This restaurant is also known for its desserts, so save some room!

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