Information for Montana's Tourism Industry

Montana Office of Tourism


The Montana Office of Tourism publications provide flavorful and factual coverage of Montana's year-round recreation and attractions to visitors of all ages. These free guides are packed full of gorgeous photos and easy-to-read information helping our visitor further their sense of discovery before coming to or while in Montana. They give the local story with depth and perspective portraying Montana at its best.

The guides are designed to be used in conjunction with the Montana Office of Tourism's website, Consumers can use the printed guides, supplemented by and to create fun-filled itineraries on where to go, how to get there, where to stay and what to do for a very personal experience.

Montana Guidebook

The Montana Guidebook is packed full of inspirational ideas, insiders’ perspectives, what to know before you go, places to go and things to do in each of Montana’s six tourism regions. You’ll find 1-, 3- and 5-day itinerary suggestions for our biggest attractions; Glacier and Yellowstone national parks, Montana’s high plains and winter adventures. The front cover folds out revealing a statewide map that can be left open for easy access while searching through the guide. The Montana Guidebook is ready for distribution in late January via chambers, CVBs, VICs, tourism businesses, airports, other govt. agencies, trade shows and direct inquiries. Also available on online at

Montana Highway Map

A cooperative effort between the Montana Office of Tourism and the Montana Department of Transportation, the highway map features general road information, city and town maps, and points of interest within Montana's six vacation regions. Distributed through chambers, CVBs, VICs, tourism businesses, airports, other govt. agencies, trade shows and direct inquiries.

Get Lost in Montana—The Magazine

Download the iPad app and discover there’s only one way to ever really find the real Montana—Get Lost. Plunge down dusty backroads, peer into small towns, tromp into the wilds and shake hands with local characters through the pages of Get Lost in Montana—The Magazine. Four issues produced each year.

Kid Friendly Montana

Used as an educational tool for children in the fourth through seventh grades, the four-color Kid Friendly Montana brochure is also an enticement piece to encourage families to visit Montana. This 8-1/2" x 11" self-mailer opens to a poster featuring colorful graphics and snippets of facts on the state. Distributed through chambers, CVBs, VICs, tourism businesses, airports, other govt. agencies, trade shows and direct inquiries.


Seven Lodges

Seven Lodges is a Montana tribal tourism handbook produced by the Montana Tribes. This beautifully designed book features reservation locations, description of the people, lodging, dining, shopping, casinos, tours, recreational sites and events. Distribution is through visitor centers, chambers, government agency offices and tribal offices. Also available online at

Explore Montana’s Roadside Geology brochure

The Montana Department of Transportation have installed nearly 50 roadside markers that describe the geologic and paleontological wonders of our state. The brochure guides you to each marker and gives a brief site description along with location information such as the highway number, milepost number closest to the site and the GPS coordinates. Learn Montana’s historic past through geology while traveling along the highways. Distribution is through visitor centers, chambers and government agency offices. The brochure is also available online at

The Montana Dinosaur Trail brochure

150 million years in the making, the Montana Dinosaur Trail will show you Montana’s amazing scenic and paleontological treasures and introduce the communities, large and small, that host the trail stops. The brochure gives a brief description of the 15 stops along the trail including information on exhibits, programs and even field digs. Distribution is through direct inquiries, visitor centers and 558 distribution points across the state. See the brochure online at

Crown of the Continent MapGuide

Designed as a tool to celebrate what’s special about this region and what residents and travelers are doing to keep it special, the MapGuide and its companion website,, provide an understanding of the diverse natural and cultural heritage of the Crown of the Continent region’s 10 million acres that provide the “place” for its distinctive rural towns and communities. Distribution through visitor centers, chambers and direct inquiries.

Greater Yellowstone Region MapGuide

The Greater Yellowstone Region covers 20 million acres of Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. It’s a landscape of rugged mountains, picturesque river valleys, high desert plains and distinctive small towns and historic districts. The MapGuide and its companion website,, showcase what makes the Greater Yellowstone Region distinct from any other place on Earth and underscores the importance of conserving its scenic and historical assets for future generations. Distribution through visitor centers, chambers and direct inquiries.